Houston Religious Stained Glass

Religious stained glass is typically the first thing that comes to mind when people think of stained glass windows. While home stained glass is very popular today, at Houston Stained Glass we still create religious pieces for facilities across the state as well. We have worked with churches and establishments of many denominations, and over our more than 20 years in business, we’ve created thousands of pieces.

Religious Stained Glass Process

Our process for religious stained glass is similar to what we do with any homeowner, but we understand that when many leaders of a facility need to be involved, the process can be a bit different. We begin with an on-site meeting with one of our experienced designers. At this time, your designer will show you some of the vast options that you have.

Getting leaded glass windows in your religious facility is a great way to add character and artwork to any space. Since every window we build is custom, we have the ability to create the piece you and your flock have been dreaming of. We’ve often created intricate biblical scenes, as well as stunning, colorful, abstract designs. Whatever you and your members have in mind, our designers can help you make it a reality.

Our designers always bring glass samples and photos to help you get a better idea of the possibilities available to your facility. We have over 600 colors and textures to choose from, allowing us to bring your design to life in color!

Your designer will go over any initial ideas that you may have, and can even sketch out options for your religious stained glass. Then, your designer can price out several options for your windows so that your church members can consider the different options. Once you’ve decided on a design, the production phase will begin, and you’ll be one step closer to enjoying your new custom windows!

Religious Stained Glass Repair and Restoration

Many religious facilities already have leaded glass windows, and some are very old. If you’ve got broken panes, bending or broken lead lines, or any other issues with your existing stained glass, contact us today. We have the experience needed to meet your church windows with the gentle touch needed for a proper restoration process!

Whether you’re looking for new windows, or if you need to restore pieces already in your building. contact Houston Stained Glass for all of your religious glasswork needs, and our expert team is ready to get started on your project right away!

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