Hallway and Stairwell Stained Glass Windows

It might sound like an odd place to install a beautiful stained glass window, but we find that actually many homeowners either have privacy issues with windows in these areas, or simply don’t like the fact that there aren’t many ways to decorate this area.

Stained glass is the perfect solution for your hallway and stairwell window issues. Since everything that we build is custom, it’s a great way to reflect your style in an otherwise blank space in your home, and you’ll never have to worry about peeking neighbors or passersby again with our private stained glass options.

Hallway Stained Glass Houston

Homeowners typically run into similar problems with hallway and stairwell windows:

1. They provide great natural light, but privacy has become an issue.

2. They are oddly shaped, so buying window coverings is difficult.

3. Adding style to these windows is difficult as well because of size and location.

At Houston Stained Glass, we can address all of these issues with a custom piece of glass work. We offer both modern and traditional styles to meet your preferences first and foremost- after all, what’s the point of investing in custom leaded glass if you don’t completely love the style?

Size and shape restrictions don’t actual pose any issues with our products because we build every window custom to fit each client’s needs and size requirements. You can add our beautiful stained glass windows to any area.

Our process begins with an in-home consultation with a designer. Your designer will take measurements of your hallway or stairwell windows, and then go over designs, glass types, and pricing with you. We always have tons of glass samples with different textures and colors for you to see how they look with the light in your home.

Speaking of glass types, we offer dozens of options to create a completely private window that still lets natural light into your home. We have glass types ranging from only slightly private, all the way to completely blocking vision through to your home. This will give you the comfort and privacy that you need throughout your home, and in a beautiful way!

Houston Stained Glass Windows

Houston Stained Glass has been building stunning, authentic stained glass for more than 20 years, and we are a part of the largest stained glass studio in the country! Contact us today for more information, or to schedule a consultation with a designer in your area, and solve your hallway or stairwell window woes!

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