Frank Lloyd Wright

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Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass

Frank Lloyd Wright was a designer and architect whose modern styles shaped much of what we consider to be contemporary design today. He pioneered the now famous prairie style of design that incorporates geometric shapes and earth tones, and often worked with stained glass in the homes and buildings that he designed.

At Houston Stained Glass, we find that many of our clients are inspired by Wright’s designs, and we take pride in creating beautiful windows that mimic his styles. If you’ve seen Mission styles that you like, you will probably love prairie styles as well, and our designers will be happy to show you the two different options for your unique situation!

Choosing Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Windows

When it comes to selecting the design for your window, the options are truly endless, and with very few restrictions, you’ll be able to find something that you love! Each window that we build is completely custom and one-of-a-kind, so we can fit into any size or shape that you need for your home.

For our clients who love modern design, many initially don’t think of stained glass as a good fit for their homes, but in reality, Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs are extremely contemporary and a beautiful fit! Here are some of the defining characteristics of this style in stained glass:

Geometric shapes

Abstract designs

Earth tones

Small splashes of color

Intricate designs with many pieces

Since every window with Houston Stained Glass is custom, if you’ve seen a style that you like, we can help to recreate it to better match your own personal style and your size and shape needs.

Our process begins with an in-home consultation with one of our designers to go over your options for your home. Your designer will bring plenty of photos and glass samples so you can see examples of this style in your home. In the meantime, browse through the images on this website to learn more about which styles you prefer, and we can start from there to achieve your ideal look!

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If you have any questions about Frank Lloyd Wright styles, or if you’d like to get started on the process of creating your own custom glasswork, contact us today for more information. Our experts can answer any initial questions that you may have, and we can help you get started right away.

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