Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Houston Home with Stained Glass Sidelights and Transoms

Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Houston Home with Stained Glass Sidelights and Transoms

Elegance. Privacy. Style. Stained glass sidelights and transoms can make your Houston estate shimmer with sophistication and grandeur. Seldom do people stop to consider the potential design opportunities for the windows in the street facing walls of their home. Often times, homeowners cover up their entryway windows with blinds or curtains. But, in our humble professional opinion, we believe this is a mistake. By replacing your ordinary windows with stained glass, not only can you provide your family with more privacy, but you can also take the architectural design of your home to a whole new level.
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Give The Gift Of Antique Style Stained Glass This Holiday!

Antique Style Glass For Your Houston Home

The different time periods of days gone by have turned out some of the most gorgeous styles of stained glass. These beautiful antique design styles and creators have become iconic, almost household names: Green and Green or Frank Lloyd Wright for example. It is no surprise then, that many of these antique designs are prevalent in stained glass windows on vintage and even modern Houston homes. Adding antique style stained glass to your Houston home can take your windows to an entirely new level of elegance. Since there are so many different types of antique window styles to choose from, a stained glass window in an antique style is also the perfect gift to give that lover of fabulous decor on your list. To knock that special someone off your list with a completely unique gift, Houston stained glass is happy to create a stained glass window they will love and cherish for years to come. We design authentic antique windows in any style but here are some of our most popular.

Leaded & Beveled Stained Glass: Although leaded glass is very traditional, the addition of beveled glass to a leaded glass window makes for the perfect stained glass window for modern or vintage homes.

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Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass: A true master of the architectural design style, Frank Lloyd Wright style windows are as relevant today as they were 50 years ago. His style, known to emphasize geometric patterns and earthy colors, brings an authentic antique but still modern aesthetic to any window.

FLW Houston

Celtic Knot Stained Glass: Probably the most ancient antique style stained glass, these designs often incorporate the complex and intricate curves of traditional Celtic knots into their design. Done correctly, this style window can fit in old and new homes alike.

Mackintosh Style Stained Glass: Originating from the Art Nouveau school in the late 19th century the flowing lines and use of bright pops of color make this antique style stained glass a great fit for any home. The Mackintosh rose is perhaps the most famous of all stained glass designs and for good reason: it’s beautiful.

Green and Green Style Stained Glass: Known for their use of iridescent, marbled colors and natural motifs, in an American interpretation of the Arts and Crafts movement, Green and Green style glass is the epitome of American elegance and a stunning addition to any home’s windows.


No matter which antique-style window you decide on for your home or as a gift for that special person in your life, the results will be the same, timeless elegance that adds an air of sophistication to any home. Houston Stained glass has designed and installed thousands of stained glass windows over the last two decades and is Texas’s stained glass expert. Contact us today to talk about an antique style stained glass window for your home or as a gift for someone else’s home and to schedule a free in-home estimate.

Great Church Stained Glass of Texas: Christ Church Cathedral

The congregation for the Christ Church Cathedral was established in 1839, back when Texas was still an independent republic. Today the church houses the oldest extant congregation in Houston and is one of the oldest churches in all of Texas. It also has a baptized membership of over 3,000 communicants.
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Great Church Stained Glass of Texas : Annunciation Church

Perhaps some of the most famous stained glass windows are those in various churches and temples around the world. This religious stained glass has a deep and meaningful history and is often incredibly beautiful and intricate in its design. But did you know that some of the most amazing church stained glass is located in Texas? That’s why we’ve decided to write this series of articles on the incredible stained glass windows in Texas churches, temples, synagogues, and other sites of worship. This post will be the first of many more to come dedicated to sharing the story of this wonderful art.
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Give the Gift of Privacy this Holiday Season – Stained Glass Bathroom Windows & Entryways from Houston Stained Glass

There’s something absolutely magical about Christmas time. And it’s not the decorations or the delectable desserts. Being able to spend time with your family is what makes Christmas so wonderful. Make this holiday season memorable for your family by giving them the gift of privacy with stained glass from Houston’s favorite local artisans.
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Church Stained Glass Restoration Process for Your Houston Religious Building

Did you know that stained glass has nearly a thousand year history? Some church stained glass windows have been able to hold up over hundreds of years. However, just like all things, stained glass can degrade or deteriorate over time. Windows can become unclear or foggy due to oxidation and exposure to weather. And stained glass also has to be cleaned from time to time to eliminate the presence of dust, soot, grime and soil.
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Texas Pride Stained Glass for your Houston Home

If you’re from Texas, you understand the kind of pride that comes from being able to call this amazing place your home state. We have an incredibly diverse natural landscape, are the home of some of the most advanced colleges and universities in the country like UT, Texas A&M, and Rice, and have some truly excellent sports teams (It’s okay; we’ll get ‘em next year Rangers!). So of course as a true blooded Texan, you’re always ready to seize any opportunity to show pride for your home state.
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5 Beautiful Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Your Houston Home

Over the past 20 years, we’ve installed over 40 thousand stained glass windows. That means that we’ve created an incredibly wide range of designs for many different commercial and residential applications. Even out of all of these installations, one of the places that our clients most frequently request to have their stained glass installed is their bathroom.
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Stained Glass Entryway Windows & Doors For Your Houston Home

If you are the type of homeowner that takes pride in your home, you know what it means to go the extra mile. You do more than just the standard maintenance like cleaning the gutters or mowing the lawn. Every home project you make your own: your perfectly manicured rose bushes, the annual staining of your weathered fence. You do it because the details matter. You do it because you are proud of your home. So when it comes to investing in the structure of your house for the sake of aesthetics, it is no wonder proud Houston homeowners, like you, choose stained glass for their entryway windows and doors to perfect their homes.

Stained Glass Entryway Windows And Doors Add Personalized Elegance To Your Houston Home

By its very nature your entryway is the first impression people get of your home. Whether it is people walking by outside or guests entering into your home, so stained glass windows in your entryway will be one of the firsts things people see. As such, the addition of stained glass windows and doors means elegantly welcoming your guests to the warmth and beauty of your home and making a statement about your signature style to passers-by. They also lend privacy to your home that your clear paned windows cannot while still allowing in prismatic painted rays of natural light. Finally, the curb appeal from those alluring pops of colors on your entryway windows and doors adds value to your home, something you will appreciate when it comes time to sell in the near or distant future.

Houston Stained Glass: Houston’s Entryway Stained Glass Windows and Doors Expert

Houston Stained Glass has earned our reputation as Houston’s Stained Glass expert because of our breadth of experience and superior customer service. Our stained glass is made locally by some of the most talented glass craftsmen in Texas. Our process is unique in that, our designers help you every step of the way to make sure your stained glass window design blends perfectly with the look of your existing entryway. We have over 20 years of experience and we have stood the test of time, which means you can trust us with any stained glass job large or small. We understand the pride you have in your home and your desire to make it uniquely your own, so if you are looking for that next great upgrade, contact us. We are always available to answer questions about the process and help you with pricing and we will be happy to schedule your consultation today!

The Scottish Difference for Your Houston Stained Glass Projects

When you walk into a home improvement store, it usually only takes a minute or two before an employee approaches you and asks if you need assistance. There’s no denying that’s pretty good customer service. But what you don’t get is someone asking how they can create the perfect product for you. That’s what makes Scottish different than any other stained glass provider in Houston.
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