What Is Leaded Glass?

What Is Leaded Glass?

It can be really exciting when it comes to the creative process for designing your own custom stained glass. For homeowners and business owners, the first step is understanding all the different glass styles and types that are available. This can help you make the most informed decision regarding your investment. One of the more popular styles of stained glass is leaded glass. So, what is leaded glass anyway?

The Benefits of Leaded Glass for Your Houston Property

Leaded glass is a term that is often used interchangeably with stained glass. However, most use the term leaded glass to describe stained glass design that’s absent from color. Leaded glass can refer to any textured clear glass, offering numerous design options. Leaded glass is really popular among homeowners because it acts as an effective privacy solution. By blocking unwanted views, leaded glass is a great addition to bathrooms, entryways, and any area that requires more seclusion. The great thing about leaded glass is that it blocks unwanted views without sacrificing natural sunlight. Improve natural sunlight, privacy, and decor with an all-in-one solution. Leaded glass can be combined with traditional, colorful glass options for pops of color and visual interest. There are so many different textures available that great detail can actually be achieved through this medium.

Work with Houston’s Leading Leaded Glass Studio

Houston Stained Glass is honored to be the leading leaded glass studio serving the Texas area. We’ve created countless leaded glass designs for homes, businesses, and churches. With the most comprehensive inventory of leaded glass available, we can help you create the perfect privacy solution. Leaded glass is highly versatile so it can complement virtually any existing architecture or home decor.

For more information regarding our custom leaded glass design opportunities for your Houston property, please contact us!

Stained Glass Privacy Solutions for Bathrooms in Houston Homes

A lot of homeowners find refuge in their bathrooms. Bathrooms can serve as an oasis, providing relaxation and a place for homeowners to have some “me time”. When it comes to really unwinding and letting your guard down, privacy is a must. If your bathroom is lacking privacy, then there’s no way to fully relax and enjoy your time. Stained glass offers a great privacy solution for bathrooms throughout Houston homes.

The Advantages of Bathroom Stained Glass for Your Houston Home

Bathroom stained glass is the best way to address privacy while really creating that master oasis that you deserve. There are so many design opportunities to really make your space the way you want it to look while keeping your bathroom open and bright. Stained glass is adaptive, providing numerous options that can limit light transmissions or keep the sunlight coming in. Bathroom stained glass is popularly leaded glass but homeowners can add pops of color, create full-colored glass designs, and more. Creating a piece of art in your bathroom can help you unwind, reflect, and appreciate the small things in life. Bathroom stained glass blocks unwanted views into your home and provides a great privacy solution without the need for unsightly window treatments.

Work with Houston’s Number One Source for Bathroom Stained Glass

Houston Stained Glass is honored to be the number one source for bathroom stained glass in the Texas area. We’ve handcrafted a multitude of different bathroom stained glass windows and would love the opportunity to craft yours. Bathroom stained glass is always a great investment and can add that level of sophistication and elegance that any master bathroom oasis deserves. Enjoy your “me time” knowing that all privacy concerns are addressed.

For more information regarding bathroom stained glass for your Houston home, please contact us!

Stained Glass Privacy Solutions for Bathrooms in Houston Homes

If you’ve just moved into a new home or are remodeling your bathroom, one thought that might have come up is, what are you going to do about privacy? Anyone who’s ever been in your situation before knows how uncomfortable it can be. You try to duck and dodge your windows so that the neighbors don’t catch you in an embarrassing state.

You could go the standard route and cover up your windows with curtains or blinds. But you’ll lose all of the natural light they provide. Instead, a better to create privacy is by installing bathroom stained glass. Houston homeowners can use stained glass to strategically control light and visibility and create a more hidden and isolated space. Here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate leaded glass windows in bathroom designs.

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Stained Glass Repair Solutions for Historic Churches in Houston

Church Stained Glass Repair For Historic Houston

The stained glass windows adorning Houston churches tell the stories of beloved saints, martyrs and missionaries. They provide a connection with the past that ordinary windows cannot. With such beautiful and important architecture comes great responsibility. Stained glass repair is not for the faint of heart. The stained glass in Houston churches is some of the oldest in the country, and as such may be in need of some TLC and repair. After 50, 75, and even 100 years, stained glass can begin to deteriorate. As a Houston church leader if you are looking for stained glass repair, Houston Stained Glass can help.

Houston Stained Glass:  Church Stained Glass Repair Experts

Starting with a free consultation, we can set your mind at ease knowing your beloved stained glass is in the most skilled of hands. For small cracks or repairs, sometimes we can fix those on site. Otherwise, the glass is disassembled and transported very carefully to our studio, where the stained glass is systematically inspected, repaired, restored, and cleaned. As part of the repair process, we match your glass colors and finishes precisely. In fact, we have access to over 10,000 shades and textures of glass. We put all our stained glass between protective clear glass so the elements cannot damage it going forward. We even use innovative lead strips that look like the original antique lead caming but have extra strength and durability.

Houston Church Stained Glass Repair

The stained glass in your Houston church is a significant piece of history as well as art. We treat it with as much care as a curator as a museum treats a masterpiece, because that’s what it is. Contact the church stained glass repair specialists at Houston Stained Glass for your church stained glass restoration and repair needs. We are passionate about church stained glass repair and you can put your confidence in us.

Find Out Here If Your Houston Church’s Stained Glass Need Restoration?

Church Stained Glass Is Durable But Still Needs Restoration And/or  Repair

Stained glass is a lovely strong material tinted with paints, pigments, and dyes to make it the perfect ethereal addition to churches, chapels, mosques, and synagogues.  It is a wonderful adornment that should, when properly cared for–last a long time. However, simply because stained glass is durable, does not mean it will not eventually need repairs or a full restoration.  The past tells us that church stained glass windows should be repaired or restored about every 80-100 years. It is around this time the lead caming, wood or steel frames, grout, and glass begin to wear down. If caught early and restored, it will be another 100  years before needing more repairs. If you are a member of a church that house vintage stained glass and you think it may soon need repair, review our guide below. We have outlined a few surefire signs of disrepair to look for on your chapel’s stained glass that could mean it is time for a restoration, in order to keep it looking lovely and intact for the next generation of your congregation.

Gaps In Your Church’s Stained Glass Window That Show Daylight

A clearly visible sign that it is time to have a restoration done on your Houston church’s stained glass are gaps showing visible light through the frame,  between the leading or glass pieces. No matter what the size of the gap, this type of wear and tear must be addressed because these gaps mean the lead is stretched and structurally unsound.  It also means that the surrounding glass panels are no longer held securely in place. You risk a piece of glass falling out of the window therefore, a stained glass professional should be brought in to take a look.

Buckling, Bowing And Sagging Of Your Church’s Stained Glass

If the stained glass windows in your church are buckling, bowing, bulging or sagging, an actual collapse could be imminent.  A worst-case scenario, of course, but not unheard of. Any falling glass is bad glass, as it were, because it could harm parishioners. It is not the glass that is failing in this situation but rather–the wood frame.  After years of expanding and contracting over time the frame has lost strength and so too has the lead caming been stretched. This is an issue that needs to be repaired soon to immediately by a professional.

Chips And Cracks In Your Church’s Stained Glass

The most common repair to church stained glass windows and not as pressing of a problem are the chips and cracks in the glass. Although not urgent, it does affect the beauty and luster of your church’s stained glass. However, cracks could also be an indication that the glass is under stress–mean the frame could fail.  So, if you notice cracks getting bigger or increasingly popping up, contact a professional stained glass repair company like us at Houston Stained Glass.


What You Need to Know Before Your Houston Church Begins Its Antique Stained Glass Restoration Process

Houston is well-known for its abundance of gorgeous, antique stained glass features that are housed throughout the numerous churches of many different denominations. Antique religious stained glass plays a crucial role in the worship process that may be underestimated. Many congregation members feel that these original stained glass windows offer historical and sentimental value. Antique stained glass needs to be restored periodically in order to maintain the antique value and ensure future generations can enjoy them as well.
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The Ultimate Bucket List for Stained Glass Lovers

Stained glass lovers and enthusiasts have a shared love and appreciation for stained glass. With so many unique, beautiful stained glass collections featured throughout the world, creating a bucket list can seem daunting. As stained glass enthusiasts, we’ve been compiling our own list. Here are our favorite stained glass pieces from around the world.

Gorgeous Examples of Stained Glass Found Throughout the World

The Augsburg Cathedral, located in Augsburg, Germany, features some of the oldest examples of stained glass found within the world. With different biblical figures found throughout the church, these elegant stained glass pieces are noteworthy for any history buff, stained glass enthusiast, and art lover. The Chartres Cathedral, located in Chartres, France, features amazing rose-colored stained glass that showcases the birth of Christ. A capturing glow is created whenever the sunlight hits these antique stained glass windows that were created in the early 13th century. Saint-Chapelle, located in Paris, France, has an incredible stained glass collection composed of 1,113 narrative stained glass pieces. These biblical narratives tell stories from both the New and Old Testament. Frank Lloyd Wright has been referred to as the first great American architect that designed homes in terms of furniture as well as architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright has created beautiful stained glass to complement his homes– this style is still used in modern day stained glass.

Prairie Style Stained Glass For Your Houston Home from Houston Stained Glass on Vimeo.

Taking Inspiration from Worldwide Stained Glass Collections for Your Houston Property

Houston properties can take inspiration from stained glass collections found throughout the world. These renowned and historical stained glass collections have a lot to offer– those looking to create their own custom stained glass can create inspiring pieces for their church, beautiful privacy art for their homes, and eye-catching features for their business.

For more information regarding custom stained glass services for your Houston property, please contact us!

Texas Church Stained Glass To Fall In Love With

Stained Glass And Texas Churches:  A Long History

Texas and stained glass have a long and glorious history with one another  As such, San Antonio and the state, in general, are home myriad to many beautiful places of worship adorned with stained glass.   Our lovely state takes great pride in historic preservation of stained glass meaning us and our children know we will be able to experience the joy it brings for decades to come. Churches and cathedrals both urban and rural dot the Texas landscape and all of them have a story with cultural relevance. As lovers of stained glass history ourselves, we at Houston Stained Glass,  have taken the time to list some of the states most lovely and historically significant stained glass and the churches they adorn.


St. Mary’s Catholic Church – Fredericksburg, TX

Built by Catholic German immigrants in the small Texas town of Fredericksburg this church was constructed in 1908.   The stone used was local, quarried nearby, and it was designed by architect Leo M.J. Dielmann. This church is the picture of stained glass beauty with large and stunning stained-glass windows installed in 1914.  It is truly a marvel of American stained glass history and a gem of Texas history.

St. Mary Catholic Church, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary – High Hill, TX

Widely regarded as the ‘Queen of the Painted Churches’, the stained glass in this church is as stunning as it is bursting with Texas history.  As a focal point of the entire church, the stained glass is a masterpiece paired with the amazing Gothic vaults and joints. It is one of the most magnificent stained glass marvels of all of Texas.  Well loved and preserved, the stained glass in this church will be treasured for generations to come.

Saint Mary Cathedral – Austin, TX

Saint Mary Cathedral in Austin is a historical landmark for many reasons but one big one is– the first cornerstone was laid the exact same year that Austin became the permanent capital of Texas. It was designed by architect Nicholas Clayton who was a devout Catholic and wanted to create a space that evoked beauty found in nature.  Stained glass is a very good way to achieve this aesthetic evident by the stained glass we see today in this church. The splendid stained glass windows also depict the reverence for God the Saints had through stories of the many ways to love and serve.

At Houston Stained Glass, we feel it is our duty to preserve religious stained glass both because of its symbolic value and its value pertaining to Texas’s long church history.   For nearly 30 years we have repaired copious amounts of religious stained glass windows both here in Texas.  We are the country’s premier stained glass restoration experts.  Contact us today with questions about your church, synagogue or mosque stained glass restoration project and to schedule an inspection of your chapel’s stained glass.


Three Reasons You Should Consider Restoring the Life & Beauty of Your Beaumont Church Stained Glass

Beaumont churches house some of the most inspiring, unique stained glass pieces in Texas. These antique stained glass features can be so significant for the worshiping process offering your congregation members personalized perceptions of religious symbolism. These irreplaceable stained glass windows shouldn’t be underestimated, making restoration an important process to consider. Stained glass restoration provides a multitude of benefits for any Beaumont church.
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Benefits of Installing Stained Glass in Your Houston Home’s Entryway

Since its very beginnings when it was first used by ancient civilizations to create jewelry and pottery, stained glass has remained extremely popular over the years. However, as an art form, it has evolved greatly. No longer are stained glass windows solely designed for use in religious architecture.

Now stained glass is extremely common in apartment buildings and single family homes, especially those in the Houston area. Just take a drive through the areas of Boulevard Oaks or Houston Heights and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about. And one of the most popular places residents like to put stained glass in their Houston home is their entryway.

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