A New Era Of Stained Glass For The Modern Age

A New Era Of Stained Glass For The Modern Age

Modern Stained Glass For Your Houston Home

It is pretty common knowledge that stained glass has been around for a long time–like a really long time.  For well over a thousand years, if not more, people have been making stained glass and honing the craft.  At this point in history, stained glass has become an advanced art form and like most things relies on modern technologyS to bring it to fruition.  As modern as the stained glass world has become, it is often thought of a design detail for older homes or to match antique styles.  Nothing could be further from the truth! Stained glass is a relevant art form for today’s modern home and if you don’t believe us–just look at the shining examples from Modernize Magazine of stained glass that fits today’s high style world.

This stained glass wall is a great example of how simple shapes are used to modernize traditional stained glass.  It beckons back to a mid-century modern era but it completely at home in this day and age.

The stained glass in this bathroom is a wonderful way to pull stained glass, even glass with typically antique patterns on it, into this century.  Instead of looking dated, this glass gives a more traditional bathroom a modern feel.

This snippet of stained glass from designer Stephen Weir, uses old-fashioned stained glass coloring with a stunning new interpretation of an old form.  This a simple, stunning piece of stained glass that would look at home in any modern home in Houston or the world.

If this stained glass has inspired you to put something stylish and modern in your home, contact Houston Stained Glass today and get one step closer to a stained glass masterpiece of your own!




Surprising Benefits Of Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Windows Houston

It is hard to not see the breathtaking beauty that is intrinsic to stained glass windows. Their bold lines and bright colors immediately draw in your eye, to what almost appears to be another world. The light dances playfully when it passes through these stained glass pieces of art, especially on the beveled glass pieces and the feeling of luxury one gets when standing in front of one, is difficult to mimic with nearly any other type of glass work. While the beauty of stained glass is apparent from first glance, some of the other benefits of stained glass may not be as apparent right away. However, at Houston Stained Glass, we know first hand the other, very important benefits stained glass brings to our customer’s homes and churches.

Benefits Of Stained Glass Windows

Versatility: Stained glass windows were once essentially, inoperable picture windows. In today’s day and age, they have added excellent functionality to their “resume” on top of their already gorgeous form. In fact, they can be found on many different windows from awning to casement.

Style: Stained glass windows are fantastic at bringing a much-needed pop of excitement to an otherwise boring room. Many of our clients design their entire room around a stained glass window using the window’s design as a theme.

Customization: One of the biggest advantages of stained glass windows over traditional windows is that they are so easily tailored to fit nearly any need. If you prefer more light to pass through, choose clear glass. If you are looking for an attention grabber make use of any of our hundreds of colors. If perhaps, you are looking for a more subtle design, consider clear custom bevels to make a soft geometric statement. Whatever you have in mind, stained glass always adds the perfect personal touch to your space.

Privacy: Since stained glass windows often have ornate decorations, bevels or texture they offer more privacy than traditional windows–with the added benefits of beauty!

Houston’s Stained Glass Window Experts

Regardless of what benefit you want to take advantage of by having a stained glass window installed, one of the most important parts of the equation is hiring a seasoned professional. Houston Stained Glass has over 25 years of experience designing, building and installing breathtaking stained glass windows for with clients from homeowners to church parishioners. We will consult with you first, to get an understanding of exactly what you need first, and then artfully create a stained glass window to fit the exact specifications of your job. When you go with a proven professional like us, you can expect your stained glass window to last 80-100 years before needing retouching or repair.

To get started on owning a stained glass masterpiece all you own, contact Houston Stained Glass for a free, consultation and estimate today.

Privacy Stained Glass for those Hard to Cover Hallway Windows

Tired of trying to figure out how to cover the hallway windows in your home? Privacy stained glass offers the perfect solution. In fact, if you take a look around, you’ll see that many homeowners in Houston prefer stained glass instead of traditional window coverings. And there’s good reason why. Not only does stained glass look beautiful, but it’s perfect for creating a barrier between you and your neighbors without sacrificing natural light.
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Houston Stained Glass Remodeling & Renovation Process

If you own a home or business in Houston and have a stained glass window that needs remodelling and renovation, we can help. At Houston Stained Glass, we carry over 25 years of expertise in the stained glass industry. Our designers are highly familiar with the specific techniques and methods that are required to renovate stained glass windows properly. We can help bring out the true beauty and vibrancy of your aging or antique art!
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5 Places Greene and Greene Inspired Stained Glass Can Look Great in Your Houston Home

Are you a lover of nature and the great outdoors? Then you should consider adding Greene and Greene stained glass to your Houston home. Characterized by warm earth tones such as sage and copper, beautiful organic shapes and designs, and their iridescent appearance, it’s easy to see why Greene and Greene glass has a popularity that’s lasted for decades.
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Stained Glass for the Sunroom of Your Houston Home

There’s nothing quite like lounging in your sunroom. With a sunroom, you get to enjoy the beauty of nature and feel like you’re outside without being exposed to adverse weather. Now you can make your sunroom more enjoyable than ever by adding stained glass. With sunroom stained glass, relaxing in your Houston home can be better than ever before.
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Great Church Stained Glass of Texas: First United Methodist Church Houston

The First United Methodist Church is a must see for lovers of fine art and historic architecture. You can visit this hundred year old building at its downtown location on Main Street and Clay. Once you step inside, you’ll get to witness for yourself what exactly makes this building one of the main tourist attractions in the area. A glorious 7,000 pipe Aeolian-Skinner organ and a breathtaking Sanctuary complete with a massive crystal chandelier are part of what makes the church Houston’s prized gem. In addition, the church houses several ornate stained glass windows that are remarkable not only for their size but also their intricacy and elegance.
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How Stained Glass Entryways Can Boost the Resale Value of Your Houston Home

Are you in the market for home improvement? If so, here’s why you should consider a stained glass entryway for your Houston home. Stained glass increases the resale value of your property, looks attractive to potential buyers, and could be just the thing your home needs to rise above the competition.
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Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Houston Home with Stained Glass Sidelights and Transoms

Elegance. Privacy. Style. Stained glass sidelights and transoms can make your Houston estate shimmer with sophistication and grandeur. Seldom do people stop to consider the potential design opportunities for the windows in the street facing walls of their home. Often times, homeowners cover up their entryway windows with blinds or curtains. But, in our humble professional opinion, we believe this is a mistake. By replacing your ordinary windows with stained glass, not only can you provide your family with more privacy, but you can also take the architectural design of your home to a whole new level.
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Give The Gift Of Antique Style Stained Glass This Holiday!

Antique Style Glass For Your Houston Home

The different time periods of days gone by have turned out some of the most gorgeous styles of stained glass. These beautiful antique design styles and creators have become iconic, almost household names: Green and Green or Frank Lloyd Wright for example. It is no surprise then, that many of these antique designs are prevalent in stained glass windows on vintage and even modern Houston homes. Adding antique style stained glass to your Houston home can take your windows to an entirely new level of elegance. Since there are so many different types of antique window styles to choose from, a stained glass window in an antique style is also the perfect gift to give that lover of fabulous decor on your list. To knock that special someone off your list with a completely unique gift, Houston stained glass is happy to create a stained glass window they will love and cherish for years to come. We design authentic antique windows in any style but here are some of our most popular.

Leaded & Beveled Stained Glass: Although leaded glass is very traditional, the addition of beveled glass to a leaded glass window makes for the perfect stained glass window for modern or vintage homes.

Houston-stained-glass- (56)

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass: A true master of the architectural design style, Frank Lloyd Wright style windows are as relevant today as they were 50 years ago. His style, known to emphasize geometric patterns and earthy colors, brings an authentic antique but still modern aesthetic to any window.

FLW Houston

Celtic Knot Stained Glass: Probably the most ancient antique style stained glass, these designs often incorporate the complex and intricate curves of traditional Celtic knots into their design. Done correctly, this style window can fit in old and new homes alike.

Mackintosh Style Stained Glass: Originating from the Art Nouveau school in the late 19th century the flowing lines and use of bright pops of color make this antique style stained glass a great fit for any home. The Mackintosh rose is perhaps the most famous of all stained glass designs and for good reason: it’s beautiful.

Green and Green Style Stained Glass: Known for their use of iridescent, marbled colors and natural motifs, in an American interpretation of the Arts and Crafts movement, Green and Green style glass is the epitome of American elegance and a stunning addition to any home’s windows.


No matter which antique-style window you decide on for your home or as a gift for that special person in your life, the results will be the same, timeless elegance that adds an air of sophistication to any home. Houston Stained glass has designed and installed thousands of stained glass windows over the last two decades and is Texas’s stained glass expert. Contact us today to talk about an antique style stained glass window for your home or as a gift for someone else’s home and to schedule a free in-home estimate.