Stunning Entryway Stained Glass Options for Your Houston Home

Stunning Entryway Stained Glass Options for Your Houston Home

Many Houston homes are known for their incredible architectural styles and grand appearances. With many of these residential properties promoting some of the most amazing entryways, it can be tough transforming yours. In order to achieve that highly desired custom look, stained glass is a perfect addition to any entryway. You can create a bright entrance and beautiful entryway by incorporating custom stained glass throughout your sidelights, transoms, door, and any surrounding windows.

The Benefits of Stained Glass for Your Houston Entryway

Stained glass can actually improve both the function and beauty of your entryway. By doubling as a privacy solution, stained glass can effectively block unwanted views from the outside in. This provides both safety and comfort for homeowners while boosting curb appeal and decor. Leaded glass and some traditional stained glass options can both obstruct views without compromising natural sunlight transmissions. Keep your entryway bright and inviting while boasting that custom-build look. Custom stained glass is perfect for creating a matching design throughout your entryway or adding accent pieces to your existing decor. There are countless ways that stained glass can transform your home and add property value while enhancing your exterior aesthetics. Entryway stained glass makes a great first impression for visitors and guests that enter your home.

Work with Houston’s Top Stained Glass Studio

Houston Stained Glass is honored to be the top stained glass studio serving the Texas area. We’re proudly providing free virtual consultations and can help you with your entire project through online platforms and over the phone. Our stained glass artisans would love the opportunity to help you design stunning entryway options that are a great investment for your home. We can bring all your ideas to fruition.

For more information regarding custom stained glass for your Houston home, please contact us!

Stained Glass Art Experts for Houston

Like many types of art forms, stained glass needs to be restored from time to time to combat the inevitable degradation as time takes its toll. There are two specific ways to properly restore stained glass art–true to the artist’s intent and true to the original technique. Which avenue you go with depends on your overarching goals for the restoration of stained glass in your Houston home, church or commercial space.   Whichever way you choose to have your piece of stained glass art restored is perfectly acceptable aesthetically and will have your stained glass piece looking fantastic again. Below we have gone into detail about both restoration types.

Stained Glass Restoration True to the Original Artist’s Intent

When we restore stained glass here at Houston Stained Glass we always utilize our well-trained stained glass experts.  We have them analyze the original stained glass intent in detail. This means looking at the style of the time of creation,  understanding the materials of the time and analyzing historical context. When we mimic the artist’s intent we use modern techniques to replicate the exact style of your stained glass artwork as closely as possible to that of the original artist.  This is the most frequent type of restoration we do. This is because new materials are easier to source, better for making the piece durable and are virtually indistinguishable from those used at the time in many cases. However, the appearance could be a bit different and under scrutiny, these changes could become apparent.

Stained Glass Restoration True to the Original Artist’s Technique

When we do restorations that stay true to the original artist’s exact styles and techniques–we do not stray from materials and techniques used by the artist at the time.  It is more difficult and more expensive and sometimes may be impossible to accomplish. Why? For example, let’s look at Tiffany’s stained glass. To restore a tiffany piece, and stay true to the very unique Tiffany process of blending glasses, we would need to source glass from another TIffany piece–since this technique is impossible to mimic. Therefore, the only authentic way to restore a piece of historical Tiffany stained glass–is by finding and using another piece of antique Tiffany stained glass.  This could be difficult and sometimes impossible. When we attempt this we are always in close communication with our clients.

Stained Houston for Authentic Stained Glass Restoration

No matter what type of restoration you choose for your stained glass art piece, we have many skilled stained glass art restorers who have advanced degrees in restoration.  They value keeping the intent and style of the original stained glass and always understand the original context of the piece. We don’t try to place this piece of stained glass in time in history but rather attempt to restore it by staying as true as possible to the original artist’s intent.  We are happy to work with you on an authentic restoration using materials that are true to the era or close to the original era but true to the intent.

Contact us for more information and to discuss your stained glass art piece restoration today.

How Does Stained Glass Pay for Itself?

We get a lot of clients who come to us looking for stained glass simply because it is so beautiful and something they really want in their Houston home. But here at Houston Stained Glass, we like to tell our clients that stained glass is more than just a lovely art form. We like to point out its value as well. In fact, we even like to say it pays for itself. The reason we say this is because stained glass adds to a house’s value–just like other home improvements. The benefits of having stained glass on your Houston home are, therefore, far more than just for beauty but for profit too. Find out how stained glass pays off big time for homeowners with the good sense to have it installed.

Stained Glass Appraises For More Than You Pay

The price of stained glass will vary depending on the size, shape, and details you want to add in. However, a good starting range is anywhere from $11-$17 per square foot for standard designs. For very intricate, custom designs, the cost could be as high as $50 per square foot. However, most people find their windows in the first range. Yes, stained glass windows cost more than a regular old window, curtains or drapes but, unlike those, they add value to your home. For example, a stained glass window that costs you $300 can be expected to appraise for 5x-10x more when you go to sell. Not a bad return for something that is spectacular and that you get to thoroughly enjoy while you live in your home.

Stained Glass Increases Curb Appeal on Your Houston Home

Stained glass is absolutely stunning. This is something nearly everyone agrees on. It is, therefore, the type of display that is especially attractive to prospective buyers. When applied on the front-facing window–in sidelights, transoms or front doors, it adds value through curb appeal. When you go to sell your home, not only will you find a home with stained glass fetches a better price but will also sell faster. The faster you sell your home the less likely you will wind up paying two mortgages and losing money. In this way, stained glass pays for itself by saving you at selling time.

Stained Glass Houston For Your Stained Glass Installation

As you can see, stained glass is not only beautiful but a great investment too. This is especially true when done by a skilled artisan studio like us at Stained Glass Houston. If you would like, we have designs for you to choose from but you can also have something customized to fit your style. If you are thinking about getting a stained glass window made, first come up with a clear budget for us (about $11-$17 per square foot) then schedule a free design consultation. To learn more, contact us and we will guide you from there.

Why Is Church Stained Glass Important to Restore?

Unfortunately, many U.S. churches are now nearing an age where their stained glass windows are badly in need of restoration. However, the process to restore church stained glass does require a significant investment, which is why many churches shy away from it. The process takes time and financial resources. Churches put off the repairs, and put them off again, and before long, it’s too late to fix them. Then, the priceless art is lost forever.

But is it worth it to restore church stained glass? Many Houston churches want to know. When making this kind of decision, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons.

We say yes. Church stained glass is important for cultural and historic reasons. Not only is it one of the world’s most beautiful art forms, but also one of the most meaningful. Here’s why.
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Stylish Ways to Add Stained Glass to Your Houston Custom Home

Like most people, your mind goes to churches and chapels when you imagine stained glass. But stained glass is actually much, much more. Especially in today’s modern era where stained glass in homes is being taken to the next level. That’s right, stained glass artists like us here at Houston Stained Glass are creating modern stained glass masterpieces for homes and commercial spaces like you have never seen before. It is a fantastic way to take your Houston home from ordinary to amazing–and make it totally your own in the process. While windows are primarily where we install stained glass you can use stained glass in various other “non-window” areas and it looks stunning! Plus there are endless colors and styles to choose from–which means that you get a truly custom masterpiece when you opt for stained glass. Keep reading to learn more about the types of stained glass that will make a huge visual impact in your Houston home and allow you to express your personal style in a very modern manner.

Stained Glass Panels

When we first started in stained glass over two decades ago, stained glass panels were usually given and marked occasions like weddings or pictured a family crest. That type of stained glass is still very much in demand but free-hanging stained glass panels as art or room dividers have begun coming into vogue as well. Modern and durable, stained glass panels can be hung nearly anywhere in your Houston custom home–on a wall or from the ceiling. They function as everything from a unique art piece to a small or large divider to an entire wall of stained glass and are incredibly striking.


Modern Stained Glass Cabinets

 Stained glass has very traditional roots but in today’s design era–it is being updated to fit readily with the times. This means stained glass in intriguing applications, one of which is stained glass on kitchen cabinets. That’s right, stained glass goes perfectly on cabinets because it provides a level of coverage for any clutter behind the glass while still giving a modern open cabinet feel to your Houston home’s kitchen. Perfect for design aesthetic from retro to modern, stained glass cabinets are a hot design addition for the new 2020 decade!

Stained Glass Lighting

Stained glass lamp shades are definitely a retro type of application but what’s old is new again and this ageless stained glass application is coming back in style. Need proof? A Tiffany stained glass lampshade recently sold at auction for over 3 million dollars! That means at over 80 years old stained glass lampshades are as valuable and relevant today as they ever were. We don’t expect you to go out and buy a rare and expensive Tiffany stained glass lamp shade but looking into a lovely, custom stained glass lighting fixtures is definitely something worth considering to customize your Houston home! 

For more information on custom stained glass creation in Houston be sure to reach out to us a Houston Stained Glass today!

Why Is Church Stained Glass Important to Restore?

Did you know that churches have been using stained glass for centuries? This practice started as a way to enlighten the illiterate about all teachings in the Bible. It also provided a functional way to improve privacy without compromising natural sunlight. Stained glass has always delivered both beauty and function for churches throughout the world throughout our history. Stained glass found in churches throughout the nation offers so much to their community, providing important reasons for restoration. Here’s why you should restore your Houston church’s stained glass:

The Advantages of Restoring Church Stained Glass in Houston

  • Historical value: Church stained glass with historic value can be extremely important to the community. Historical stained glass can bring tourists from around the nation and even around the world. This helps improve the local economy, providing an important benefit for your community.
  • Antique value: The antique value of restored stained glass is considerably higher than unrestored stained glass. This antique value can boost your overall property value.
  • Sentimental value: Stained glass viewing can become a family tradition, providing inspiration and beauty for generations to come. Many worshippers value their church’s stained glass and enjoy sharing it with others.
  • Cost-effective: Restoration is typically a lot more cost-effective than replacement. The sooner you restore your church stained glass, the more affordable the process is.

Work with Houston’s Leading Church Stained Glass Restoration Studio

Houston Stained Glass is proud to be the leading church stained glass restoration studio serving the Texas area. We value the art and meaning behind every religious stained glass feature and are dedicated to proper restoration. We always pay homage to the original artist and provide at least another century of product life through our restoration process. For more information regarding the stained glass restoration process for your Houston church, please contact us!

How to Get Started with Dalle Stained Glass Restoration

Are you the owner of an antique Dalle Stained Glass window? You’re in luck! You posses in your hands some of the most beautiful and rare stained glass in the world.

The original Dalle de Verre’s were first made about 100 years ago. Jean Gaudin developed the technique in the 1930’s, and since then it’s become one of the most sought-after styles of stained glass across the globe.

However, it’s important to know that by this point, your Dalle de Verre may be very well over due for some maintenance. Here’s how you can started with Dalle Stained Glass restoration in Houston.

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What Makes Dalle Stained Glass Unique?

If your Houston home or business has Dalle stained glass in or around it –you probably know it is a different type of stained glass but may not know exactly how. As it turns out, Dalle stained glass is an incredibly unique version of traditional stained glass with some pretty significant differences from the type you see in churches. Below we compare traditional stained glass to Dalle stained glass so you can get an idea about what sets the two apart.

 The Age of the Stained Glass Craft

Dalle Stained Glass: This type of stained glass was invented just after the turn of the century–making it about 100 years old. So, we know a fair bit about how and when it was invented and the early pioneers of this stained glass method.

Traditional Stained Glass: This stained glass art form is incredibly ancient. In fact, some traditional stained glass was made well over 1000 years ago. This means, unlike Dalle stained glass–we don’t have any information on who invented it.

The Thickness of the Stained Glass

Dalle Stained Glass: This type of stained glass is much thicker than traditional stained glass– more than 1” thick. It is produced huge blocks and then sawed or hammered to size. Its name actually translates to “glass slab” in French.

Traditional Stained Glass: This method uses thinner glass piece in its construction. Production glass today is about 1/8″ thick. It is usually created for the final size it will be placed in. It is thin enough to sand and cut with a glass cutter.

Type of Stained Glass Structure

Dalle Stained Glass: Glass shapes in this type of stained glass are held in place by a thick concrete and epoxy frame. This substrate is poured in a framed box of sand where the glass pieces sit in a pre-laid design. This means the glass and the frame are incredibly strong but less detailed.

Traditional Stained Glass: This type of stained glass uses wood frames, sometimes with metal supports, to hold the glass panels in place. The pieces are soldered together. While not delicate–traditional stained glass windows are not nearly as sturdy as Dalle stained glass.

The Stained Glass Restoration Process

Dalle Stained Glass: Because of the concrete and epoxy framing Dalle stained glass is hard to restore. The process involves chipping away the stone frame from the glass and then re-pouring it. This is very time consuming and expensive.

Traditional Stained Glass: Leading on traditional stained glass is fairly simple to remove since the lead caming is soft and can be easily pulled off. While easier to do than chipping cement–there is a fair bit of artistry and care involved with traditional stained glass restoration.

For more information on either of these stained glass artforms and restoration and repair–contact us at Houston Stained Glass today.

Do You Need Special Equipment for Painted Glass?

Only a few stained glass studios specialize in painted glass. It takes true artistic skill to be able to execute this type of painting. For clients interested in painted glass or incorporating painted glass into their stained glass design, it is important to find the right stained glass studio. Clients also may be curious about the process and special equipment needed for this technique. Painted glass requires both artistry and the right equipment in order to properly execute.

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Benefits of Preserving Your Historical Home’s Character by Repairing Stained Glass in Houston

Stained glass windows are still pretty common in homes today, but not as common as they used to be. Today, we are seeing a new type and style of stained glass in modern architecture. But that’s not to say that the old styles aren’t just as beautiful, if not more so. Antique stained glass is a rarity, which is why many people choose to keep it in their home. Without it, their home wouldn’t have the same historic look.

But that’s not to say there aren’t some downsides. From time to time, stained glass windows need to be repaired. Sometimes a major storm comes through and breaks the windows. Other times, the windows degrade naturally over time. If you’re the owner of a historic home in Houston with stained glass, you may wonder, is it worth it to spend all of that time and effort on repairs? In our humble opinion…absolutely, yes! Here’s why.

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