Houston Bathroom Stained Glass Windows

Houston Bathroom Stained Glass Windows

At Houston Stained Glass, bathrooms have always been our most popular application for leaded glass windows. Houston homes frequently feature bathroom windows, and while they are great for letting natural light into the space, many homeowners find that privacy quickly becomes a problem for these areas.

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Custom stained glass can brighten any room.

Do you have a room in your home that always seems to be missing something? Have you tried painting the walls a different color, moving the furniture around, switching up the artwork, or buying new curtains? But still feel like it needs something to help it stand out? Something to give it a true “wow” factor? Something to take it from nice to amazing?

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Interior door stained glass for a unique look.

Do you have an interior door in your home that needs some sort of an upgrade? It could be the French doors leading into your bedroom, your walk in closet doors, your pantry door, the door to your office or maybe even to your wine cellar.

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Stained Glass in your shower window can complete your bathroom.

Do you have a window near the shower in your bathroom? If you do, you might consider installing stained glass in this window to complete the decor in your bathroom. Imagine how beautiful it would look with the sun shining through it, lighting up the bathroom. For an extra added effect, the use of beveled glass in the pattern would allow the sun to create prisms of color dancing through the room, giving a rainbow effect.

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Kitchen stained glass can provide beauty without a view.

Some homes in Houston have kitchen windows with less than desirable views. Maybe your kitchen window faces an alley, or is a little too close to your neighbor’s home. Maybe it looks out over a parking lot or a brick wall or a weed-filled lot. If this is the case, you might consider stained glass kitchen windows.

By installing stained glass in your kitchen window or windows, you can have a beautiful stained glass view instead of a view of your back alley. There are other benefits besides changing the view. Adding stained glass is one of the top ways to give a kitchen a unique, high end look and feel.

The kitchen is usually one of the most well used rooms in any home. And if you like to entertain, you probably find that the kitchen is the place your guests seem to gather. Adding kitchen stained glass will revamp the whole style of your kitchen. It can be added in a variety of different ways.

The first one, which we already discussed, is to add stained glass to your kitchen window or windows. But one of our most popular custom commissions is new stained glass panels inserted into the whole series of kitchen cabinet doors. This takes your kitchen from utilitarian to show stopping.


Want to see what we are talking about? Take a look at our kitchen photo gallery, containing some of the many custom kitchen stained glass projects we’ve done for clients over the past twenty or so years. When it comes to kitchen cabinet doors, you can have colored stained glass, clear glass, frosted glass, or any other style and pattern you desire.

If you’ve been bitten by the stained glass bug, you might not want to stop with your kitchen window. A truly outstanding impression can be created by carrying the stained glass motif, with matching patterns, into other areas of your kitchen. Do you have a sliding glass door out to your deck or patio? Do you have a pantry door? Where there’s glass, there’s the opportunity for stained glass. Where there’s a door, there’s the opportunity for a stained glass door panel.

If you install kitchen stained glass, we believe you will be astounded by the way it changes the whole look of your kitchen. It could be part of a whole kitchen remodel . . . or it could be the kitchen remodel! You’ll find our custom stained glass prices to be more affordable than you might imagine.

Please contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our talented stained glass designers. We can’t wait to see what kind of a look you will create with your new kitchen stained glass.

Stained glass windows create family traditions.

A family tradition can be carried from one generation to another. Stained glass windows can be a part of that tradition. If you have spent the time helping to design a gorgeous, unique stained glass piece for your home, why not leave it to a family member?

Imagine passing on a customized stained glass window from one family member to the next? It will become a family heirloom, appreciated for generations to come. And since Houston Stained Glass custom stained glass panels are built to last, this is an entirely appropriate way for them to be cherished and loved for years to come.

Sometimes once the kids have left the nest, the parents decide to move to a smaller home, an apartment, or a even a condo on a golf course in Florida. Although they could take their stained glass windows, how much nicer would it be to pass them on to one of the kids who grew up with them?

Our stained glass windows are able to be removed and shipped wherever they need to go. So there’s no need to sell a home and leave them behind. The only problem you might face is deciding who is going to get which one, so that there will be no squabbling over them.

Antique-stained-glass (17)

By the way, if you are looking for a whole different kind of family tradition, you might consider commissioning one of our striking, unique, stained glass family crests (if you are from a family who has a crest, of course). Not for everyone, a Scottish crest badge shows allegiance to a specific Scottish clan. Crest badges consist of a crest and a motto/slogan.

Take a look at some of the family crests we have created for our clients of Scottish heritage here. These items are definitely destined to become family heirlooms and part of a family tradition.

But because our stained glass is custom designed and hand crafted by local artisans, we believe any piece of our stained glass just might become a sought after heirloom for your family, and part of your family tradition throughout the generations to come.

Does this idea appeal to you? If family tradition is important, and you want to add to yours . . . or if you are looking to start a family tradition where none existed before, perhaps a unique stained glass piece might be just what you are looking for.

Why not give us a call today to discuss starting your own stained glass family tradition?

Custom Stained Glass for your garage door windows.

There’s a new trend on the custom stained glass horizon and we think it’s pretty exciting! It is the addition of custom stained glass garage door window inserts.

Lately, we’ve seen some absolutely gorgeous homes that were so unified in design, the beauty even extended to their glowing frosted garage door inserts. These doors were done in the same style as the windows on the houses, with a grid making up many smaller panes of glass.
They look absolutely stunning and really pull together the look of the exterior of the house. Now, let’s take that one step farther.

As you probably know, custom stained glass can be built into just about any window. So imagine if you already have stained glass in your home’s entryway – perhaps the sidelights, the front door, maybe even a half-moon shaped transom window over the front door. Imagine keeping your homes style consistent and carrying this stained glass motif through various other areas of your home, even the garage.

Imagine pulling up to your garage doors and seeing stained glass in the windows reflective of the style in the rest of your home. Many Houston garage doors already have small window inserts where the custom stained glass can be inserted, but if they don’t, we can build them.


Garage doors are usually ignored when it comes to decorating, wouldn’t you agree? Maybe it’s time to add this feature into your overall design sensibility, into the overall aesthetics of your house, and make your garage doors as gorgeous as the rest of your home.
Lovely landscaping, lush lawns, beautiful flower beds, a magnificent home, and custom stained glass garage windows?

We have to warn you, this just might take your entire exterior to a whole new level. The addition of stained glass windows in any area of your home gives a truly luxe look, but adding them to the garage doors might just give your home the look of a millionaire’s mansion.

And if you already have a millionaire’s mansion, then what are you waiting for? Nothing says class, sophistication, and great taste in Houston like stained glass, wherever you choose to add it. And nothing says no holds barred, let’s go the extra mile, like custom stained glass garage window inserts.

We keep emphasizing custom because when you work with Houston Stained Glass, every piece we create is custom designed to your order, and hand assembled using the finest available materials. Sound good? Why not contact us to discuss your new stained glass pieces today! We will send one of our highly experienced designers right to your home, with more photos, samples, and inspiration than you’ll know what to do with

Stained glass that is built to last.

The process of stained glass fabrication has been going on for centuries, in much the same fashion as it originated. The process is still the same in the sense of the end product being beautiful stained glass windows. And in our case, the process is still the same in terms of hand building each one of our custom windows, so we can offer the utmost in stained glass quality.

However, there have been some changes in methods and materials that help to assure high-quality stained glass that is built to last throughout many generations. Our stained glass windows and panels might wind up becoming family heirlooms. They can be uninstalled and moved to a new home, they are that durable.

So although the end product’s beauty remains the same as with stained glass of old, the process we use and the materials we use have evolved over time.

Even though we make custom designed, hand built stained glass, the computer has become a lynchpin of stained glass quality for us. We use CAD technology to create our final patterns, ensuring a perfect fit in your windows or doors. After all, if a stained glass panel is even one quarter inch too big or small, it will not fit into its allotted window frame, which would be a disaster.


The CAD and other computer software also allow us to show the client an exact rendering of their design, so they can see what it will look like before it’s even built, before the glass and other materials are even ordered.

Our artisans still hand cut and hand assemble and hand polish each stained glass window, following our computer generated, exact down to the millimeter pattern. But some of the materials we are now using are greatly improved over what stained glass makers in the eighteenth century had to work with. There have been many improvements to the production of glass itself over the centuries, and our glass is sourced from the top glass makers around the globe.

We also use special dark leads to join the pieces of glass together, hidden solder joints, extremely precise soldering temperatures, a unique polishing process that we developed ourselves. And when it comes to installation, we have also developed our own installation techniques that ensure a protected stained glass panel, and a tight, weatherproof seal.

There is a lot of mass produced stained glass on the market. We don’t want to disparage it, but we are absolutely confident that when you see our custom stained glass’s quality, the difference will leap out at you immediately. And don’t be surprised if the prices is more affordable than you’d think!

For stained glass built to last, that cannot be beaten anywhere, we hope you will consider Custom Stained Glass. We would love to work with you.