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Dealing with Hurricane Damage in Houston? We Can Repair Your Stained Glass!

The devastation that’s occurred as a result of Hurricane Harvey has been one of the greatest tragedies that Houston has ever seen. At Houston Stained Glass, our hearts go out to those who have been affected by the hurricane. That’s why in our very small way, we’re doing our part to help those in need. If you have stained glass windows that have been damaged by the hurricane and aren’t covered by insurance, we can help. We can repair and restore your damaged stained glass, at cost, to their original beauty.

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Where To Put Stained Glass On Your Houston Home

Stained Glass Is Both Versatile and Practical

It is widely accepted that stained glass is a beautiful addition to any home in any city in the world. Of course, our lovely Houston homes are included in this truism. While a lot of stained glass work we do here at Houston Stained Glass, is to make custom stained glass windows, stained glass is such a versatile the medium that we do a fair amount of architectural features too. This is because it can so easily be customized to suit nearly any area or design style. The most popular areas to see stained glass windows is in stairways, entryways, bathrooms, and kitchens. Yet, stained glass can successfully be used as a room divider, fireplace screen, or even on your Houston home’s ceiling–a fact few people realize. So with this extreme versatility, the question becomes not should you put stained glass on your Houston home but where should you put it?

Read on and find out the best area for stained glass to meet your individual needs.

The Best Places For Stained Glass On Your Houston Home

If you are considering putting stained glass in your Houston home it is time to first decide where to put it. This is a need based decision and choosing the area of biggest need should be the goal. Stained glass makes great windows, as you probably already know, but it also can be used as an architectural feature as well. Below are some questions to ask yourself to help you hone in on the perfect spot in your house for stained glass.

Do you want more privacy to your Houston home?

If this is the case, then, like it is for many of our stained glass customers, a bathroom or bedroom stained glass window will prove to be the best. The reason for this is because both of these locations are placed are simply places for your eyes only. In these locations, stained glass windows provide privacy with the added benefit of beauty.

Are you looking to add resale value to your Houston home?

If this is the case, stained glass will be a fantastic architectural feature. Think about how gorgeous stained glass cabinet doors will look in your kitchen in the afternoon or how elegant your fireplace will be when it behind a stained glass fire screen. Then, when it comes time to sell, these features will add big time to your bottom line!

Do you want to increase your Houston home’s curb appeal?

If this is what you are looking to do then you likely want to put a stained glass in your home’s entryway windows or transom windows since they tend to be street facing and are easily seen The great part about these windows is, when properly placed they can also block an unattractive view and add a little privacy too

No matter where you want to put stained glass in your Houston home, Houston Stained Glass is the company to make your stained glass dream a reality. Contact us today and let us consult with you and begin pricing you stained glass masterpiece!

Basement, Bar & Wine Cellar Stained Glass for Your Houston Home

Tired of your basement looking drab and dreary? Try adding a stained glass window! Stained glass is the perfect choice for adding a bit of color and shine to the bar, basement, or wine cellar in your home. At Houston Stained Glass, we’ve helped dozens of homeowners renovate their basement by creating stained glass panels for window wells, wine cellar doors, hanging lights and panels, and cabinets. With stained glass, you can completely transform the appearance of your basement and give your home a high end, sophisticated look.
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Modern, Minimalist, Stained Glass Windows For Your Houston Home

The New Stained Glass Look For Your Houston Home

Stained glass has been around for a long, and we mean long, time.  It is something that is near to the hearts and minds of numerous countries and copious religions.  It is both something regal and yet so very down to earth.  In home decor, stained glass has come a long way.  From Medieval Castles with rudimentary glass to the more refined Victorian-era stained glass is has changed as much as the people and structures it adorns.

Stained Glass For The Modern Era For Your Houston Home

While we love Victoria-era glass here at Houston Stained Glass, we also love the developing style of modern, minimalist stained glass and it has definitely caught our attention.  This glass is ultra-modern and uses only the barest of elements of shapes and colors in the most fascinating ways.

As an art installation, you can see the beauty of here at the Miami airport by simply layering deep rich colored stained glass panels in one basic shape, to create and awe-inspiring reflected pattern.

Another great example of minimalist stained glass in architecture is this stained glass window overlooking the Souk at Abu Dhabi Central Market. Although breathtaking, it contains very minimal lines and a simple color pallet.

Lastly, we see this abstract Berlin restaurant window that uses more colors but keeps them almost entirely in a monochromatic hue.  Again the shapes are simple and repetitious but a far cry from the more lavish patterns from old churches or castles.

If you loved the stained glass you saw here and are interested in a minimal stained glass window for your Houston home, contact us at Houston Stained Glass today for a free consultation and let us build a window around the shapes and colors that inspire you!

Patriotic Stained Glass Windows for Your Houston Home

The greatest American holiday has arrived! Happy Fourth of July weekend, everyone! And as you’re all celebrating this weekend with BBQ, picnic, and outdoor activities, and recognizing the importance of our national holiday, we’d like to show you a unique way you can show your patriotism: patriotic and U.S. military themed stained glass windows for your Houston home.

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The Best Areas For Stained Glass In Your Houston Home

Stained Glass Houston

In our gorgeous Texas metropolis of Houston precisely manicured lawns and stunning houses dot the landscape as far as the eye can see. The people of this bustling city take immense pride in their homes from Baytown to Brookshire. The residents here spend countless hours, time and more to make sure every detail of their homes and keep them looking good.This special care in their dwellings appearance is a reason why we know something as stunning as stained glass is a wonderful choice for Houston homeowners.

Best Places For Stained Glass In Your Houston Home

Stained Glass For Houston homes is the absolute perfect design accent and a lasting heirloom piece for your home and for your family. It adds style and elegance to any window in your home but function is also something that stained glass is particularly well suited for too. Below are three places we have seen our clients use frequently to reap the most reward.
Stained Glass For Your Houston Entryway Windows:

When looking for a cutting edge and beautiful to make a first impression on guests coming into your home, while adding curb appeal, stained glass windows are the way!

Stained Glass For Your Houston Bathroom Windows:

Privacy is hard to come by in any city including Houston and stained glass windows are designed to do just that. Providing both beauty and privacy and still allow in natural light.

Stained Glass For Your Houston Kitchen Windows:

A fantastic way to give your kitchen bold pops of color and cutting edge style is by adding stained glass doors to your cabinets.

Stained Glass Experts Houston

Our happy customers know first hand, when it comes to stained glass in Houston, there is not one better than Houston Stained Glass. The biggest reason for this is the expert craftsmen we employ to work on our stained glass windows. Due to their high level of precision and craftsmanship, we guarantee both timeless beauty and a durable heirloom quality to our clients. We have almost 3 decades of experience and we use old school techniques in combination with new age technology to craft our window. When looking for a stained glass window for your Houston home– Houston Stained Glass should be a strong consideration. Not only will we give you a free estimate but are also able to offer you a quick turn around time too. Contact us today to get going a stained glass window and the home of your dream.

Stained Glass In Your Home’s Sidelight Windows Adds Value

Stained Glass Window For Houston Homes

Home improvements make your life better. They increase the beauty and functionality of your home and, all and all, make everyday living better for you and your family. However, one of the most important things when doing a home improvement, and something you likely consider before doing it is–the resale value it will add. There are many different home improvements for you to choose from, especially here in Houston. One home improvement that can really take your home from ordinary to extraordinary, and add significant value to your Houston property, is stained glass windows.

The Best Stained Glass For Houston Home Values

While there are numerous areas in your home that could be wonderful places for stained glass. It is great in kitchens as cabinet doors, in bathrooms for privacy and even as for as stylish room dividers. Yet, one of the best settings for stained glass that is both beautiful, functional and increases your home’s value more than others, is in your entryway as sidelights.The reason entryway sidelights are so highly valued for stained glass placement is because they are highly visible from both inside and outside the house. Therefore they add aesthetic value to the inside of your home and curb appeal at the same time. What’s more, when potential buyers come to view your house, the very first impression they get is spectacular, meaning your home will likely sell faster as well.

Houston’s Stained Glass Experts

If you live in the Houston area and are considering stained glass window for your home in an effort to increase your home’s value, contact us as Houston Stained Glass. We are Houston’s stained glass expert with more than 25 years of experience. We can share our breadth of knowledge about stained glass and its effect on home values and expertly install the windows as well.

The Best Stained Glass Colors For Your Houston Home

Stained Glass Colors For Your Houston Home

The material of stained glass and the process to make it are ancient. As you well know stained glass is colorful and intricate but what you may not know is that the glass that has been colored by adding metallic salts during its manufacturing. Color can also be applied by painting on the glass, which is later fused on by a kiln. No matter which method is used to give the glass color, the results are always gorgeous and allows for stained glass windows to be a beautiful addition to any home. However, which color combinations you chose can contribute greatly to the design success of stained glass in your home. Below are sure fire stained glass combinations that can help the masterpiece you buy from Houston Stained Glass really pop against your current home decor.

Classic Stained Glass Color Combinations For Your Houston Home

Go Monochromatic: One great way to make a statement but not over do it is to use different shades of the same color. This is great when the room you are getting stained glass in is already done in a bright color scheme. Usually choosing a complimentary color to the room you are creating the window is the best way to go.

Go Neutral: This is a great option for rooms that face or frame a natural setting already. It goes with just about any color palette you may already have in your home.


FLW-Houston (72)

Go Beveled: If the room you would like to put the custom stained glass window in, is already pretty busy and bright, using clear glass with plenty of levels to bend the light, is a breathtaking way to harness the power of refracted light beautifully, while keeping the window from clashing in any way.

Go Bold: Using many bright and varied colors is a great way to use stained glass, as vivid colors are one of stained glasses best attributes. In rooms or hallways that are light or white, using many bold colors is perfectly acceptable and allows you to use the stained glass to it’s fullest potential

Houston’s Stained Glass Color Experts

Stained glass is such an amazing art form, that one could argue (like us) that there really is not a wrong way to use it. However, a little forethought and help from our designers, will make the window extra-special and ensure it has the most impact on the room you choose to put it in. To learn more about our 600+ color selection of stained glass colors and to get going on a stained glass masterpiece of your very own for your Houston home, contact Houston Stained Glass today!

Stained Glass Protection For Lasting Glass

Do I Need A Protective Stained Glass Covering?

Just looking at stained Glass you get the feeling from its beauty that is somehow delicate but that is simply not true. Stained glass, is actually very durable, more durable in fact, than some types of plain sheet glass. However, it is important to have a protective covering over the stained glass in your church or home. This is because stained glass can be expensive and worth the small cost of prevention compared to the much larger cost of repair. Secondly, stained glass windows are usually installed to be heirlooms, something you want to make sure stays intact and looking good for a long time. Finally, because stained glass, especially on cathedrals, is often a target of vandalism. Ultimately, A protective covering on your stained glass lengthens its life and helps prevent the need for repair.

Types Of Stained Glass Coverings

Protective layers vary depending on what a client is looking for. There different options for clients to choose form depending on what level of protection they are looking for. At Houston Stained Glass, we can explain each to your to help you make the best choice.

Window Film Stained Glass Covering
The Pro: Is easily applied even on a DIY level (although not suggested) and can protect from UV Rays
The Con: Is not as strong as other protective layers, which could lead to glass still breaking.
Glass Stained Glass Covering
The Pro: it stays clear over time, and it is a little stiffer and more scratch resistant than the plastics.
The Con: Does not protect from UV rays unless tint is applied
Acrylic Stained Glass Covering
The Pro: Is strong, durable, stays clear over time
The Con: It does not insulate as well as an insulated glass

Texas’s Stained Glass Coverings Expert

Stained glass windows should always be something you buy in confidence it will last a long time. When properly maintained and cared for by a professional it is very much capable of doing so. At Houston Stained Glass, we know how to treat stained glass properly to give it the very longest life. We employ only the most skilled craftsmen and protective covering installation experts to ensure our client’s coveted stained glass lasts for the next 80-100 years. If you stained glass doesn’t have a protective cover, contact us so we can help you preserve your stained glass for the next generation to come.

Celebrate Summer with Nature Stained Glass for Your Houston Home

Summer is a beautiful time of year in Houston. Warm sunlight, fresh air, and exciting outdoor activities are plentiful for residents of H-Town. And what better way to celebrate this beautiful time of the year than by adding nature themed stained glass to your Houston home!

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