A New Era Of Stained Glass For The Modern Age

Modern Stained Glass For Your Houston Home

It is pretty common knowledge that stained glass has been around for a long time–like a really long time.  For well over a thousand years, if not more, people have been making stained glass and honing the craft.  At this point in history, stained glass has become an advanced art form and like most things relies on modern technologyS to bring it to fruition.  As modern as the stained glass world has become, it is often thought of a design detail for older homes or to match antique styles.  Nothing could be further from the truth! Stained glass is a relevant art form for today’s modern home and if you don’t believe us–just look at the shining examples from Modernize Magazine of stained glass that fits today’s high style world.

This stained glass wall is a great example of how simple shapes are used to modernize traditional stained glass.  It beckons back to a mid-century modern era but it completely at home in this day and age.

The stained glass in this bathroom is a wonderful way to pull stained glass, even glass with typically antique patterns on it, into this century.  Instead of looking dated, this glass gives a more traditional bathroom a modern feel.

This snippet of stained glass from designer Stephen Weir, uses old-fashioned stained glass coloring with a stunning new interpretation of an old form.  This a simple, stunning piece of stained glass that would look at home in any modern home in Houston or the world.

If this stained glass has inspired you to put something stylish and modern in your home, contact Houston Stained Glass today and get one step closer to a stained glass masterpiece of your own!