Church Stained Glass Restoration Process for Your Houston Religious Building

Did you know that stained glass has nearly a thousand year history? Some church stained glass windows have been able to hold up over hundreds of years. However, just like all things, stained glass can degrade or deteriorate over time. Windows can become unclear or foggy due to oxidation and exposure to weather. And stained glass also has to be cleaned from time to time to eliminate the presence of dust, soot, grime and soil.

If you’re a collector of antique stained glass, you’ve probably noticed that your art wasn’t in its best condition by the time you obtain it. Or if you have stained glass windows in your church, temple, or synagogue, you may have noticed that’ve become dull or dusty over time. Therefore, it’s entirely possible that your art may require some repairs, cleaning, or restoration. If this is the case, just call our experts at Houston Stained Glass to repair your church stained glass.

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Our Process for Church Stained Glass Restoration

Over the years, we’ve perfect our methods for repairing and restoring church stained glass. Our process usually includes the following steps:
1. The glass is uninstalled from its original site and brought to our workshop. Then, we create a computer generated pattern for the window.
2. The panel is dismantled and taken apart until all of the broken or heavily damaged pieces are removed. Some large pieces may be kept for restoring smaller sections of the installation. At this time, the old leading is safely disposed of.
3. Then, the new window is built. We use both the stained glass pieces that we saved and some from our stock to match the original appearance of the window. Then, new leading is installed and fitted with steel reinforcement.
4. The joints are soldered and the panels are cemented for extra strength. Often times, reinforcing bars are added for extra strength and protection.
5. Finally, the new installation is cleaned for a bright, brilliant appearance. Then, the stained glass is installed in its original site.

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Contact Us for Church Stained Glass Restoration in Houston

At Houston Stained Glass, we have an extensive amount of experience in stained glass repair and restoration. In fact, our owner, Martin Faith, is a collector of antique stained glass. Therefore, we understand the amount of care and skill that’s required for restoring stained glass properly. We can restore the religious stained glass in your Houston church, temple, or other site of worship to its original luster and beauty. Call us today to find out what we can accomplish for you.